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Here are some examples of my custom work (click on small pictures for more information). If interested in commissioning a work, please contact me to describe your project, and I will give you an estimate (no obligation).

Blackletter fire, Carolingian water. Gouache, ink, and acrylic. “A woman of valor: who can find her? Her value is far above rubies.”  Proverbs 31:10-31. Hebrew and English. This poem by Emily Dickinson is one of my favorites. I especially like that she calls the mountains her “strong Madonnas.” I did a version of this poem for my friends Karen Lee and Larry. “From far, from eve and morning/ and yon twelve-winded sky,/ the stuff of life to knit me/ blew hither: here am I....”  One of my favorite poems by A.E. Housman. Selected text from the Song of Songs, in multicolored calligraphy; Hebrew and English. Texts taken from two poems by W.H. Auden; done for my amazing friend and confidant, Fred.
Certificate for exceptional artistry; commissioned work. The Ten Commandments as they appear in Exodus: 20. Commissioned as a birthday gift for the father of a student of a friend. Hebrew and English. “Each of us speaks with many voices like a tribal shaman in whom the ancestor ghosts are all talking at once; when we speak, we are not sure who is talking, or what is being said, and our acts of power in communication are not wholly our own.”  J.G.A. Pocock Lyrics from a well-loved Scottish song about the Rowan tree by Lady Carolina Nairne. Done for the first birthday of Rowan Wren Abbott-Smith. Modern Gaelic poem by James Carnegie Lord Southesk about life, linden trees, bees, and music. Done for the first birthday of Theo Linden Abbott-Smith. Miriam dancing and leading the women in dance and song with her timbrel.
One of a screenprinted series of images of the sage plant. One of a screenprinted series of images of the sage plant. Small folding book of hand-lettered haiku by the poet Jay Santini. Spring 2008. A small commissioned piece; example of a casual hand based on Italic. Text formed part of a speech at a wedding. Another small piece; gift between two friends who became lovers in later life. A perfect day for loving you... papercut of couple on porch superimposed on a background containing the lyrics of the favorite song of this couple.
The well-known Hacker Manifesto (“Conscience of a Hacker”) by The Mentor. A gift for my computer programmer brother on his birthday. “Slow down, you move too fast; you got to make the morning last...” “If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you...” Rudyard Kipling, 1910.
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